Uranus is a deflationary, passive yield generation token on the Binance Smart Chain network.

🪐 High Yield DeFi Made Simple 🪐

We aim to raise awareness of Australia's second deadliest cancer and funds for the leading community-funded charity dedicated to prevention, early diagnosis, research, quality treatment and the best care for everyone affected by bowel cancer.

Every month 2 sets of NFTS will be minted. The first set will be distributed between the top 100 Wallets at random. The second set will be put up for sale on our NFT Market place. This will give everyone the chance to Buy, Sell, and Swap the Uranus NFT's. 100% of the proceeds will go to the communinty chosen charity for that months Donation.

We offer stakeholders a new type of passive rewards which does not require the asset to be staked, or used to provide liquidity. To partake in DeFi yields all you have to do is hold Uranus.



Uranus aims to break above meme coin status while delivering value to holders and donators. Uranus has fostered a deflationary environment in which long-term conviction is both incentivized and rewarded. Here at Uranus we understand the doubts and fears people have about small-cap crypto projects, and encourages you to only spend what you can afford to lose. We also aim to restore much list faith in the Crypto community and show that there really are good solid projects!

Token Name
Uranus Token
Total Supply
Reward to Holders
Liquidity Pool
Charity Wallet
Launch Price per 1 BNB
ANUS Smart Contract Audit

Our Uranus token smart contract is being audited by Techrate, Solidity, Certik, etc. We believe they will not find any high or medium security issues in the Smart Contract code. Our Smart Contract code is developed by one of the world's most proficient blockchain developers.

Earn passive Income

Gain ANUS every time a transaction is completed. We charge a 10% transaction fee; this means 4% goes into a locked liquidity pool, 2% is rewarded to our stakeholders and 4% is transferred to the Charity wallet. No need to trade, simply watch your balance increase in real-time. This is called a deflationary currency and will earn up to 80% annual yield percentage - exceptionally higher than any traditional savings account.

Join the Community

We’d love for you to become part of our incredible ANUS community! We understand the crypto world is an exciting new place, so it’s likely you’re going to want to chat and ask some questions. Our team is always active and happy to answer any queries you may have.

  • Have a question? Ask and speak directly to the dev team.
  • Want to chat with our like-minded community? We love new members!
NFT Marketplace

We are going to launch teh Uranus NFT Marketplace, this would give our community a chance to own the ANUS branded Charirty NFTs. You can register as an Artist and create your own NFTs or you can collect the created NFTs, you also have the option to resell the NFTs using our Marketplace.

Where we Donate

Every Month the team at Uranus Will Nominate a Bowel Cancer Charity to Donate too. This ensures that donations are spread across various key stakeholders, and that we can truly have a worldwide impact. Donations will be shared on our twitter, and telegram, and the community will consistently be involved to decide which organizations to donate to in the future. For every Charity we will Mint Unique NFT Ribbons that will be sent to Our Top ANUS holders.

Our journey to the Uranus

Although we are proud of the ANUS launch, the truth is that our feet have barely left the ground. We are working unbelievably long hours - day and night - to keep up with our expansive rate of growth. Here’s what we have planned.

Q1 2021

  • Build Community ✅
  • Raise Awareness ✅

Q2 2021

  • First NFT Mint
  • Presale ✅
  • Token Launch ✅
  • Token Audit Application ✅
  • CoinMarketCap Listing Application ✅
  • CoinGecko Listing Application ✅

Q3 2021

  • NFT Send Out ✅
  • Apply to Alternative Exchanges

Q4 2021

  • Marketing Push
  • Influencer Involvement
  • Celebrity Endorsement/ Affiliations
  • Begin NFT Marketplace Development
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